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Charles Mathews, Executive Producer, and Manager, began his journey in the world of music early in his adolescence. He tuned his ear as a trumpeter advancing to 1st chair in the County and District of his area. He played in the jazz band and soon evolved his music experience to learn the role of concert conductor. If classical music wasn’t enough, he challenged himself to learn voice and eventually auditioned for college acapella group Harmonyx. He toured college campuses and local venues advancing his knowledge of touring, showmanship, and vocal development. These experiences have catapulted him throughout the music industry.
He enjoys crafting his own expression of music, using all elements of Classical, Jazz, Funk, R&B, and Gospel. Mathews supposes that his comprehensive experiences and passion for music will continue to propel his insight on producing music in the new millennium.
He later formed Chameleon Productions/CMP Media Group to create a multimedia and music production company that provides innovative ideas for indie artists to enable them to be distinguished, profitable, and visible in the music industry.
Charles has experienced in the role of tour manager, marketing agent, and road manager to top ten Billboard Artist like Earnest Pugh and have worked with Fantasia, Kenny Garret (Jazz Legend), Ricky Smiley (Comedian), Bad Bad Not Good, Anthony Hamilton, Jesse Boykins, Gretchen Parlato, Moonchild, and Kris Browers,